Eco Beach Experience

  • With no games room and conditional WIFI you can savour family time with no distractions
  • Get back to basics and relish in the simplicity of life with real camping in the wild
  • Ebb & Flow of Tides – Think outwards towards the environment, putting your life in perspective
  • Get away from the noise pollution and feast on the sounds of nature
  • Health by Stealth – engage the outdoors interacting with the physical environment
  • Unplug from civilisation and indulge in the pure relaxation nature has to offer
  • Get high on stargazing without light pollution
  • Without modern day distractions find yourself grounded and strengthened
  • Revel in conversations with likeminded people
  • Slowing down and enjoy life at your own pace
  • Blue Way – Get in tune with the natural forces by swimming and surfing in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Be contend in the knowledge of enjoying a Carbon neutral holiday


  1. Sustainable Travel Ireland Gold Standard
  2. South Pole Global Climate Neutral Award
  3. Myclimate Switzerland Climate Neutral Award
  4. Failte Ireland Welcome Standard
  5. Tripadvisor Greenleaders Platinum Award
  6. Tripadvisor’s Travellers Choice Awards 2020
  7. Clean Coasts Business of the Year Award
  8. Guest Review Award
  9. Outsider Magazine ‘Leave no Trace’ Most sustainable Escape
  10. JCI Business Award for Eco-Friendliness
  11. Save our Planet Award for ‘Environmentally responsible business’


Clifden Campsite is ideally situated on the shores of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’  just ten minutes from Clifden town & two minutes from the small scenic village of Claddaghduff, between the beautiful Atlantic ocean & majestic Twelve Bens mountain range which forms part of the ‘Connemara National Park’


Clifden Camping has been co-existing alongside a traditional farm since the 1960s, which was the first certified organic farm in Connemara. Sustainability plays an important role in the day to day operations of the park. Two important assessments have been carried out, comprising of ecological & sand/gravel aquifer assessments. Mitigation measures provided in these reports are crucial to the preservation of the park, both in terms of ecology & sustainability. In 2014 we achieved a gold standard ecotourism award by Sustainable Travel Ireland. Sustainable Travel Ireland is one of the first eco-labels in Europe to be recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. We achieved ‘climate-neutral status’ in 2015, independently accessed by Myclimate Switzerland, making us a first in ‘climate neutral’ accommodation in Ireland.

Natural habitats and rich biodiversity

A speciality of our park is a rare ecosystem called machair, listed as a priority habitat in Ireland under the Eu Habitats Directive. This is a highly specialised and complex sand-dune grassland habitat, which is confined globally to the northwest coasts of Ireland and Scotland. It comprises a flat or gently undulating sandy plain that develops in an oceanic location with a cool, moist climate, resulting in rich biodiversity. To date, eight species of bumblebees have been found in this machair habitat. In addition, the ecosystem borders the West Connacht Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The SAC’s marine habitats are important for the Bottlenose Dolphins that frequent our shores. There are several Natura 2000 sites within a five-kilometre radius of the campsite, Natura 2000 being a European Network of important protected ecological sites.

Geological Features

The geology to be seen along the beaches and by the campsite is quite impressive, providing an outstanding opportunity to see what happens deep inside the earth’s crust when magma rises into it and volcanoes erupt at the surface. These rock outcrops are among the best examples of their kind anywhere in Europe and they comprise a listed site.


Clifden Caravan Park is an ‘entry by appointment only’ park and has personal supervision & security. We have also implemented child protection policies/procedures which are overseen by a qualified member of staff, ensuring a safer camping environment for children.

Our Water

Our ‘Spring Water’ is of exceptional quality, extracted from our sources beneath protected sand bearing soil, and delivered fresh on demand (chlorine & THMs free) to all fixtures throughout. It meets or exceeds the requirements of the EU Drinking Water Regulations. Monitoring is in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 2nd Edition and all water samples are independently obtained by an Environmental Health Officer. To date, all water sampled and tested in accordance with ISO standards has established a proven track record of ‘Zero contamination’!