Climate Neutrality and Carbon Offsetting

Welcome to Ireland’s first climate neutral eco campsite. The carbon emission from our eco certified campsite is 100% neutralized on the global level. Customers arriving by foot or bike can now automatically avail of a ‘climate neutral eco holiday’ independently certified by myclimate & EcoTourism Ireland. Additionally visitors who use private or public transport can, as an option offset their carbon emission of their travel through myclimate. This is the first of its kind in Ireland where visitors can experience a ‘climate neutral eco holiday’.

At our request myclimate measured our yearly carbon emission. We have bought the equivalent carbon quota to support sustainable approved projects in Uganda. We also implement climate neutral measures with EcoTourism Ireland through our eco certified gold label.

Through this we have managed to reduce our climate footprint to zero on the global level. Myclimate is one of the world’s leading providers of voluntary carbon offsetting measures whilst EcoTourism Ireland is one of the first eco labels in Europe to be recognized by the Global SustainableTourism Council.

We are always monitoring our carbon footprint and are always looking for ways to reduce the greenhouse emission that our business produces. This means monitoring waste, electricity and water usage etc. You can check out our emission for the year 2018 on Clifden Eco Beach Camping Carbon Footprint for 2018.

If you wish to check out your own carbon emissions you can do this clicking on the follwoing link to myclimate or just use the calculator below: